OpenVPN Windows Client Setup

How to install the Desktop Client on Windows

This howto will help guide you through the installation process of the Desktop Client.

Step 1:

Download the Windows installer package from the Community Downloads section of the OpenVPN website:

Launch the msi installer for the client and click next:

OpenVPN Client Install

Step 2:

Read and accept the License and click next:

OpenVPN Client Install

Step 3:

Choose the location to install the program files for the Desktop Client and click Next:


OpenVPN Client Install

Step 4:

You are now ready to install the Desktop Client, click Install to proceed:

OpenVPN Client Install

Step 5:

Please wait while the Desktop Client Installs:

OpenVPN Client Install


OpenVPN Client Install


OpenVPN Client Install

Step 6:

You may see a warning asking you to install the Desktop Clients TAP Adapter, check the box that says “Always trust software from “OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.” and click Install:

OpenVPN Client Install

Step 7:

The Desktop Client is now installed, click Finish to complete the installation:

OpenVPN Client Install

Adding The Client Machine Keys

Your administrator will provide you with three key files and a configuration file:

server.ovpn - the configuration file
ca.crt - the server certificate file
clientX.crt - the client cerfiticate file
ClientX,key - the client key file

These files will be placed in the OpenVPN configuration directory. and make a folder to add your keys to. Click the Start/Windows Button, select “OpenVPN” and click “OpenVPN configuration file directory”.