Service and Support

Sayso Communications offers full support for you business communications needs. We maintain our own independent servers for web hosting, email filtering and virtual “SaysoCloud” hosting of Windows, Linux servers and VoIP phone systems.

VPN Management / Security Solutions

We custom build VPN appliances using top quality hardware from vendors such as Soekris, Supermicro, Lanner, Intel and many others. Each system is designed for our customers needs to match the best value in performance, scalability and price.  Connecting remote offices and users together has never been easier or more affordable. We can build the system you need whether you’re using T1, Cable Modems, DSL, Frame Relay or other technology.

VoIP Telecommunications Systems

Sayso Communications designs and builds Asterisk(TM) communications system in house. We build all required software ourselves, packaged as RPM files (nope! we’ve moved to Debian from RedHat based OS’s), and patch in additional features according to our clients requests/needs. Our unique Asterisk(TM) software package includes many useful add on features. All our custom compiled software updates are distributed via our private YUM repository for ease of administration and enhanced security. With over 15 years experience building Asterisk(TM) systems, you can trust Sayso Communications to provide you with a state of the art phone system that is built either on standalone hardware or as a OpenVZ LXC container or KVM Virtual Machine in the SaysoCloud.

Secure Email and SPAM Filtering

Our custom designed email hosting system is based on state of the art Open Source technology. We employ several layers of SPAM filtering as well as Virus scanning to keep our customers inbox safe. We support a variety of hosting styles from Cloud Computing / Virtual Machines to virtual hosted webmail, MX forwarding to your SMTP server and even UUCP transport via TCP/IP (when’s the last time you heard of that?) and Dial Up Modems (Sorry. Nope. We killed that but we’ll bring it back if you REALLY need it…) Look to Sayso Communications for professional email services which are highly reliable and standards compliant.